United Equities Group Services

With its “in house” property management and property maintenance teams, United Equities Group is able to address tenant needs quickly and efficiently. All tenants have direct access to property manager and maintenance as needed.

24 hr maintenance contact
204 981 2282

“National Bank (formerly Wellington West Capital) moved into our current premises at 200 Waterfront Drive in 2001. We have had a long and mutually satisfying Landlord/Tenant relationship with United Equities since that time. The building is high quality and very well located. United Equities, its management and maintenance teams are always extremely responsive and attentive to any of our needs.”

Charlie Spring
Senior Vice President of National Bank Financial

“MMM moved into our current office space at 93 Lombard Avenue in 1984. Since that time we have expanded our space in the building five times, and each time United Equities has been very accomodating and good to work with on assisting us in obtaining the space we required. They also do an excellent job of maintaining the building and looking after problems that arise with the facilities/services within the building. We hope to remain in this space for many years to come.”

Richard Tebinka
M.A.Sc., FITE, P.Eng.
Winnipeg Regional Manager
Regional Lead – Transportation
WSP/MMM Group Ltd