Meadowlands Place

West St. Paul, Manitoba
Meadowlands Place

A Future Retail Haven


A Future Retail Haven

Nestled on the picturesque southwest corner of Main Street and the Perimeter Highway bordering Winnipeg, Manitoba, Meadowlands Place is poised to be a thriving retail destination.

This visionary shopping center development is strategically located to bridge the gap between bustling commercial nodes at McPhillips Street and Leila Avenue and Regent Avenue at Lagimodiere Boulevard.

Designed to cater to a significant trade area to the north of the Perimeter Highway, Meadowlands Place offers retailers an exciting canvas to craft their success stories.

Expansive Development

Spanning across a generous 50-acre site, Meadowlands Place presents endless possibilities. Phases for development have been thoughtfully planned, with access roads established in 2022, setting the stage for development commencing in 2023/2024.

Prime Location

Meadowlands Place enjoys the advantage of a full cloverleaf interchange, providing excellent highway access and exposure. Further enhancing accessibility, significant upgrades are underway, including access through an approved controlled intersection at Main Street.

Thriving Residential Growth

The adjacent Riverdale West residential subdivision, Highland Pointe - Ladco, and other residential developments are poised to significantly increase the area's population. This residential influx ensures a thriving customer base for retailers, with a mix of single-family, multi-family, multi-family townhouse, and mized-use developments totalling approximately 1,998 units.

Booming Population

Within a 7 km radius of Meadowlands Place, the estimated population was projected to reach 195,000 by 2024. With a median age of 39.3 and an average household income of $90,369, these demographics underscore the potential for a thriving retail hub.

Segmented Trade Area Demographics:

Garden City:
Total Population - 68,324, Average Household Income - $84,010, Median Age - 39.03

River East:
Total Population - 31,386, Average Household Income - $83,072, Median Age - 45.68

East St. Paul, Narol, Gonor, Lockport:
Total Population - 18,802, Average Household Income - $151,204, Median Age - 45.65

Selkirk/East Selkirk:
Total Population - 12,575, Average Household Income - $75,987, Median Age - 44.38

Immediate Neighbourhood Demographics

The immediate neighbourhood trade area surrounding Meadowlands Place is experiencing rapid growth, with a projected 8.3% population increase from 2016 to 2021. The area boasts a median age of 39.0, an average household income of $114,304, and 2.91 persons per household.

The Future Awaits

Meadowlands Place is more than just a shopping centre; it's an opportunity to shape your aspirations. With the promise of residential growth, a strategic location, and a burgeoning neighbourhood, it offers retailers an exciting opportunity to become a cornerstone of this thriving community. Embrace the future at Meadowlands Place, where opportunity and aspiration converge.



Southwest corner—Main Street and Perimeter Highway

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Property developed in phases, access road completed in 2022.

Available for development 2023/2024.

Full cloverleaf interchange presents excellent highway access and exposure.

Access is available through the approved controlled intersection at Main Street.

Total Space:

50 acres under development.